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Lampeczki - Indigo Mistery nr.5

"Indigo Mistery"

Lampshade nr.5

by PaperPetuum

Darkness broken with the surprizing colors and shapes. Lamp is giving quite dark aura - perfect for corridors, when going through the sleepness, or where there is no need to read, but not to hurt. Best for Owl-People.


18/7x16/6 cm/inch

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Indigo Mistery - Tiny Lampshade nr.5
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or order a special color or size.

Lamp Legs (bases) made of Paper are the solution for new way of product which is fully recyclable and made of recycled material.

Shade is made of paper, colored with special transparent paints, and covered with plastic, so it is easier to preserve and dust.
It gives a colorful ambient light, changing the atmosphere of the room according to side it's placed. With one lampshade You get many mood choices!
Please note, that the photography is just a half of the real beauty, of what the naked eye combined with brain power can

Lamp Legs available here:

It is a MUST to use LED bulbs with this tiny lampshades, to make it completely secure.

Lampeczki works the best with paper lamp legs, but, if You have own base, I can adjust lampshade to fit it perfectly, by making similar with given detailed dimentions.

Electric components are brand new, from nearest walking distance shop. Easy removable, co could be used again.
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