Make Your Lamp organic.

Jump into the future rethinking materials our everyday things are made off.
Recycled paper is the material of tomorrow. Get ready.

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Beauty is imperfection.

Perfect defect. Absolute uniqueness engraved in a bioform.

Organic individuality.

One and Only.

Renewable items are better.

How about having everyday, long term use things, which are completely recyclable? Instead of plastics using paper? Check the possibilities.

Conteiners and lamp made of recycled paper

4038 gray newspaper $59,13


Classic Industrial Light Lamp

Natural is a new beauty.

Build Your Lamp like nobody else have.

Choose the lamp base, choose the amount of light given, the color. Size, type, and mix everything. Everything is possible, ecta finish, copper, steel, wirers, components. Lets talk about it with light specialist. Design own lamp. Write.

design anything you imagine

Gallery of inspirations - look around in the archives.

There will never be two identical lamps made by humans hand and dreamed vision. Enjoy the energy of creation, be the part of designing. Feel the difference.

Inverse Lamp - outside rough like a stone, smoother inside.

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by buing paper art you are helping to clean up the streets and thoughts. Support the idea, help to grow, be conscieous. May also just donate few coins to the cleaner who keeps changing mess into the art.

Made by free range human being.